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RehabWire - Volume 9, Number 1, February 2007.


Burn Injury Rehabilitation

More than 45,000 burn injuries require hospitalization each year, with about half requiring care in a specialized unit. NIDRR research looks beyond immediate care, to getting back to life.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.

RehabWire - Volume 7, Number 9, October 2005



RehabWire - Volume 7, Number 6, July 2005

RehabWire - Volume 6, Number 3, April, 2004


RehabWire for April looks at managed care and disability and rehabilitation. How are these services administered under what has become the norm for healthcare?

RehabWire - Volume 6, Number 2, February, 2004


RehabWire for February welcomes the Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers for FY 2003. They exemplify the wide range of disability and rehabilitation research funded each year.

RehabWire - Volume 5, Number 4, April 2003


How do you access disability and rehabilitation services when you're "down on the farm?"
RehabWire for April looks at rural disability and rehabilitation research across the country.

Spotlight, Volume 1 Number 3


Video games in rehabilitation – Therapeutic and fun

What if playing a video game could be therapeutic for you as well as entertaining? NIDRR researchers are using commercial-off-the-shelf technologies to create fun, challenging games to improve balance and coordination for individuals in rehabilitation. The result? “It was hard work but I enjoyed it!”

NIDRR Research Spotlight, Volume 1 Number 1


Twenty-one percent of the top cited articles in rehabilitation journals were written by NIDRR grantees. What does this mean for you: the researcher, the practitioner, or the person with a disability?.


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