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Burn Injury Model Systems

For People with Severe Burn Injuries, Cognitive and Communication Problems May Be Common

About half a million Americans are treated for burn-related injuries each year. A burn can result from exposure to a fire or contact with hot liquids, chemicals, or electricity. Although the burn injury itself is often treatable, burn injury survivors may have lasting functional challenges. These can include problems with cognition—thinking, remembering, or solving problems— due to the effects of inhaling smoke or toxic fumes, loss of oxygen, anesthetic use, or other medical complications. These cognitive problems can make communication difficult for a person with burn injury.


RehabWire - Volumen 5, Número 8, Septiembre 2003.


RehabWire de septiembre destaca el trabajo de los Sistemas Modelo de Lesiones por Quemadura y la investigación sobre las lesiones por quemadura publicada en el último año.

RehabWire - Volume 11, Number 7, July 2009.


The Burn Injury Model Systems

The Burn Injury Model Systems research spans the Health and Function, Employment Outcomes, and Participation and Community Living Priorities.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.

RehabWire - Volume 5, Number 8, September 2003.


RehabWire for September highlights the work of the Burn Injury Model Systems and burn injury research published in the last year.

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