vocational rehabilitation

RehabWire Volume 1 Number 3, April 1999


Welcome to the third edition of RehabWire. April’s issue is all about work. In this issue of RehabWire you’ll find research and articles about vocational rehabilitation, school-to-work transition, and occupational therapy. So let’s get to work!

RehabWire Volume 1 Number 9, October 1999


PCEPD has declared October National Disability Employment Awareness Month. RehabWire for this month highlights new employment-related documents, projects, and resources.

Please note: Time-sensitive events have been removed from this version. Monthly and weekly observances remain.

NIDRR Research Spotlight, Volume 1 Number 2


Could an iPod Touch ® be the key to successful employment for people with autism?

A NIDRR-funded study at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) suggests that these hand-held computers offer support to people on the autism spectrum who are entering the workforce.


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