News and Notes 200 February 10

The 200th issue of News and Notes, feedback welcome; integrating service dogs into the workplace; MSKTC releases factsheet on autonomic dysreflexia; researchers at Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System Center interviewed on VoiceAmerica Disability Matters show; StatsRRTC and IC-RRTC publish nTide 2015 Year in Review; Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (KTDRR) hosts webinar, Creating Career Pathways for Youth with Mental Health Conditions; Office of Women's Health (OWH) at Department of Health and Human Services celebrates 25th anniversary

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Welcome to our 200th issue! This Valentine's Week, we're a little in love with News and Notes and proud of how it's grown: We started it as a way to shine a spotlight on the exciting work of the NIDILRR community, from free, ready-to-use resources like guides and webinars, to award-winning research and stimulating conferences. Today, it reaches more than 3,600 subscribers, along with more than 5,000 readers through social media. Each issue is archived and searchable. Like a chocolate sampler, we hope there is something in each issue for everyone, and that you will share it with your community. As always, we welcome your feedback!

Research In Focus:
What are Key Factors in Successfully Integrating Service Dogs into the Workplace?
This week's Research In Focus asks: What's important to successful service dog partnerships in the workplace?

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Autonomic Dysreflexia Factsheet
The NIDILRR-funded Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC) (90DP0012/H133A110004) has released a new factsheet, Autonomic Dysreflexia. The factsheet, available in English and Spanish (PDF), provides information about autonomic dysreflexia after spinal cord injury, what can trigger it, and how to recognize and manage the condition.

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TBI Research Highlighted on Disability Matters
Researchers from the NIDILRR-funded Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System Center (NNJTBIS) (H133A120030) were interviewed on the Disability Matters Radio Show on VoiceAmerica on February 2nd. Nancy Chiaravalloti, PhD, Denise Krch, PhD, and Glenn Wylie, DPhil, discussed several topics in brain injury including TBI in the media and research in sports concussions, memory retraining, employment, and virtual reality.

nTIDE Year in Review
The NIDILRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Disability Statistics and Demographics (StatsRRTC) (90RT5022) and the RRTC on Individual-Level Characteristics Related to Employment Among Individuals with Disabilities (IC-RRTC) (90RT5017) have published the nTIDE 2015 Year in Review, a year-end edition of the Trends in Disability Employment National Update (nTIDE). The review finds that, despite last quarter losses, 2015 was overall a good year for people with disabilities in the workplace. The nTIDE monthly reports monitor the employment of people with disabilities, using the latest national data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Webinar: Creating Career Pathways for Youth with Mental Health Conditions
The NIDILRR-funded Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (KTDRR) (90DP0027) will host a webinar, Creating Career Pathways for Youth with Mental Health Conditions, February 17th, 3pm ET. Marsha Ellison, PhD, of the NIDILRR-funded Learning and Working During the Transition to Adulthood Research and Training Center (Transitions RTC) (90RT5031) and Sandra Miller of the Delaware Division of Vocational Rehabilitation will discuss career pathways strategies that support the employment of youth with mental health conditions. Registration is free but required and continuing education credits are available. The Transitions RTC is also supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Office of Women's Health Celebrates 25th Anniversary
The Office of Women's Health (OWH) at the Department of Health and Human Services is celebrating its 25th anniversary of providing national leadership in women's health. Throughout the year, OWH will recognize achievements in women's health; honor champions of women's health issues; and explore the future of research in areas such as heart health, stroke, cancer, chronic conditions, and mental health.