How to Get Your Document Listed in REHABDATA

Scope of the REHABDATA Database

REHABDATA is the leading literature database on disability and rehabilitation, with descriptions of over 65,000 documents covering physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, independent living, medical rehabilitation, special education, employment, assistive technology, and law and public policy.

Audiences who rely on REHABDATA to serve their information needs include students, professional researchers, service personnel, and people with disabilities and their families and friends.

Submitting Your Documents for Inclusion

If you would like to submit documents for evaluation for REHABDATA, please submit, by email or regular mail, one copy of each document you wish to have listed; each will be considered carefully.

If you are a NIDILRR Grantee, please ensure that your project number appears in your document or in any accompanying letter.

Documents accepted for entry into REHABDATA are abstracted and these descriptions will, within 90 days, be made available to thousands of REHABDATA users through NARIC's voice telephone and electronic information and referral services. There is NO CHARGE for having a document or audiovisual listed in the database. A complimentary copy of the abstract will also be sent to you.

Please note: The following will not be accepted for inclusion in the NARIC collection

  • Abstracts
  • Brochures
  • Power Point presentations
  • Citations, unannotated bibliographies, or prepublication announcements

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Concerned about copyright? As a library, we may collect material under the Fair Use exemption. More information about copyright.

Thank you for helping us to maintain REHABDATA as a vital access point to the literature of disability and rehabilitation.

Electronic documents may be sent to

Printed documents should be sent to:

Documents Clerk
National Rehabilitation Information Center
8400 Corporate Drive, Suite 500
Landover, MD 20785