Pre-run search strategy statements

To duplicate the searches in our Browse by Subject area and the REHABDATA-Connection current awareness service, you would need to search for the following words in the database's advanced search area. Most strategies focus on clusters of descriptor terms. To gain a better understanding of these terms, see the Thesaurus.

All NARIC databases use the asterisk (*) to truncate search words; for example, searching for employ* will retrieve employ, employer, employers, employee, employees, employment, employability, and other words that start with employ.

  • Topic: Autoimmune disorders.
    Descriptors: autoimmune disorders or hiv or lupus.
  • Topic: Blindness/visual impairments.
    Descriptors: blind* or visual impairments or braille or low vision.
  • Topic: Deafness/hearing impairments.
    Descriptors: deaf* or hearing or audiology or audiometry.
  • Topic: Brain injuries.
    Descriptor: brain.
  • Topic: Developmental disabilities.
    Descriptor: developmental disabilities.
  • Topic: Neurological/neuromuscular disorders (except stroke, which has its own category).
    Descriptors: neurological or neuromuscular or nervous system or cerebral palsy or epilepsy or huntington's disease or multiple sclerosis or parkinson's or poliomyelitis or spina bifida or nerves or alzheimer's or dementia.
  • Topic: Polio.
    Abstract words/descriptors: polio or poliomyelitis.
  • Topic: Psychological disabilities.
    Descriptors: mental illness or anxiety or depression or schizophrenia or psychiatric or behavior disorders or emotional disorders.
  • Topic: Spinal cord injuries.
    Descriptor: spinal.
  • Topic: Stroke.
    Descriptor: stroke.
  • Topic: ADA.
    Descriptor: ada.
  • Topic: Any legislation/policy.
    Descriptors: legislation or policy or regulations or legal concerns or section.
  • Topic: Advocacy/self help.
    Descriptors: advocacy or self help or peer counseling or goal setting.
  • Topic: Aging.
    Descriptors: aging or older or geriatric or retirement.
  • Topic: Assistive technology/devices.
    Descriptors: assistive technology or devices.
  • Topic: Attitudes.
    Descriptors: attitudes or attitudinal.
  • Topic: Caregiving.
    Descriptors: caregivers or attendant care or child care or home care or respite care or day care.
  • Topic: Case administration and management/counseling.
    Descriptors: case management or caseload management or counsel* or clinical management.
  • Topic: Children/youth/infants.
    Descriptors: child* or youth or infants.
  • Topic: Education/school.
    Descriptors: education or preschool or curriculum or students or dropouts or iep or learning or schools or teachers or teaching or universities or work study.
  • Topic: Employment/training/transition to work.
    Descriptors: employ* or unemployment or underemployment or job or work or career* or profession* or personnel or staff development or work transition or vocational or workshops or training or retraining.
  • Topic: Evaluation/needs assessment/tests.
    Descriptors: evaluation or needs assessment or test* or analysis.
  • Topic: Family issues.
    Descriptors: family or spouses or divorce or parents or adoption or child care or siblings.
  • Topic: Home Modification.
    Descriptor: home modification.
  • Topic: Independent living/community integration.
    Descriptors: independent or residential or community or inclusion.
  • Topic: Information resources.
    Descriptors: information resources or information networks or referral or bibliographies or classification systems or dictionaries or directories or glossaries or handbooks or indexes or information systems or internet or journals or libraries or reviews.
  • Topic: International Rehabilitation.
    Descriptor: international rehabilitation.
  • Topic: Medical or rehabilitation facilities.
    Descriptors: facilities or hospi* or nursing homes or group homes.
  • Topic: Medical rehabilitation/rehabilitation medicine.
    Descriptors: medical or rehabilitation medicine.
  • Topic: Mental health/self concept.
    Descriptors: mental health or self concept.
  • Topic: Mobility issues.
    Descriptors: mobility or ambulation or seating or wheelchair* or electrical stimulation.
  • Topic: Money I: Organizations.
    Descriptors: economic* or cost* or budget or accounting or grants or appropriations or funding.
  • Topic: Money II: Consumers.
    Descriptors: financial aid or income or medicaid or medicare or SSI or SSDI or AFDC or welfare.
  • Topic: Organizational learning/knowledge management.
    Abstract words: system dynamics or systems thinking or team learning or mental model* or organizational learning or learning communit* or reflective practice or (Peter) Senge or (Chris) Argyris or knowledge management or (Thomas) Davenport or (Laurence) Prusak.
  • Topic: Organization management/project administration.
    Descriptors: management or accounting or administrators or budget or consulting or decision support or marketing or operations research or planning or public relations or systems analysis or teamwork or interdisciplinary activities or interagency cooperation or service integration.
  • Topic: Participatory action research.
    Abstract words: participatory action research.
  • Topic: Recreation/leisure/sports.
    Descriptors: recreation or arts or exercise or leisure or physical education or physical fitness or sports or toys.
  • Topic: Rehabilitation success/outcome.
    Descriptors: rehabilitation success or disincentiv* or outcome*.
  • Topic: Research methodology.
    Descriptors: research methodology or models.
  • Topic: Research utilization.
    Descriptors: research utilization or information networks or technology transfer or knowledge utilization.
  • Topic: Self care/daily living.
    Descriptors: self care or daily living.
  • Topic: Service delivery/rehabilitation services.
    Descriptors: service or interagency cooperation.
  • Topic: Special populations: ethnic groups/rural services.
    Descriptors: ethnic groups or indians or native or african or asian or hispanic or rural services.
  • Topic: Statistics/demographics/epidemiology.
    Descriptors: statistics or factor analysis or incidence or prevalence or demographics or epidemiology or quantitative analysis.
  • Topic: Surveys/questionnaires.
    Descriptors: surveys or survey forms or questionnaires.
  • Topic: Transportation/travel.
    Descriptors: transportation or travel or driving or motor vehicles.
  • Topic: Universal design.
    Descriptor: universal design.

To retrieve documents that were authored by NIDILRR project staff, by type of project funded:

  • Topic: Research and Demonstration Projects.
    Project number: H133A*.
  • Topic: Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers.
    Project number: H133B*.
  • Topic: Utilization Projects/ADA projects.
    Project number: H133D*.
  • Topic: Fellowships.
    Project number: H133F*.
  • Topic: Field-Initiated Research Projects.
    Project number: H133G*.
  • Topic: Model Spinal Cord Injury Systems.
    Project number: H133N*.
  • Topic: Research Training Grants.
    Project number: H133P*.
  • Topic: Small Business Innovation Research.
    Project number: RW*.
  • Topic: State Technology Assistance.
    Project number: H224A*.
  • Topic: NIDRR Contracts.
    Project number: HN*.