Tips for People with TBI and Their Families During COVID-19

This video offers suggestions for individuals to maintain their health and daily living from two UAB-TBIMS psychologists. Tips include maintaining a routine, staying informed and following recommended prevention guidelines, asking for help, and doing what you can to maintain your physical and mental health like exercise, learning activities, and keeping medications up to date.


Pushin On Newsletter Special Edition

This entire newsletter issue is focused on COVID-19. This issue features an article on staying healthy to avoid the impact of the virus, as well as articles on technology for independence and opportunities to participate in research.


Tips for People with SCI During COVID-19

This video offers tips for individuals to maintain their health and daily living from UAB-SCIMS psychologists. Tips include keeping an eye on secondary conditions to avoid the need for hospital visits, maintaining a routine, getting exercise, and maintaining social contact.


Managing Your Wellness During the COVID-19 Outbreak

This collection offers a collection of wellness self-management strategies and resources for people with serious mental illness. Learn how to manage stress, cope with anxiety, combat loneliness, or explore virtual distractions with art, music, museum tours, and more. The collection also includes resources for physical health and wellness, supports for behavioral health providers and other support personnel, and resources to help children, teens, and young adults cope during the outbreak.


Maintaining Your Emotional Wellness During COVID-19

This factsheet offers suggestions for reducing stress and finding balance during the pandemic, along with links to organizations and online resources.


Managing My Medical and Mental Health Conditions Amidst COVID-19

Blog post, written by a young adult with mental health conditions, discusses how the pandemic has affected the healthcare system and how this has affected the treatment of their medical and mental health conditions.


Resources for People with SCI, TBI, and Burn Injury to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

A collection of articles, videos, and factsheets developed by the Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Burn Model Systems to help individuals with these injuries and their caregivers stay healthy.



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