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A Message from Our Director


More than 40 years ago both RESNA and NARIC were early products of a burgeoning information age. RESNA as a community of rehabilitation professionals generating huge amounts of new knowledge and NARIC as a repository to organize A photo of director Mark Odumand disseminate this knowledge, and make it readily available to ever-widening audiences. Both efforts with the ultimate goal of helping people with disabilities improve their lives.

RehabWire - Volumen 6, Número 5, Junio 2004


El RehabWire de junio pone de relieve la investigación e informes centrados en las discapacidades del desarrollo. El cambio en la terminología de retraso mental a la discapacidad de desarrollo refleja el cambio de enfoque de discapacidad a las necesidades de la vida.

RehabWire - Volume 12, Number 4, May 2010



NIDRR's research in stroke falls primarily in the Health and Function, Participation, and Technology priorities.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.

RehabWire - Volume 11, Number 1, January 2009.


Blindness and Visual Impairments

Research on Medicare and Medicaid services spans NIDRR's Health and Function, Participation, and Community Living, and Disability Demographics priorities.

NIDRR Grantees on the Cutting Edge.

RehabWire - Volume 6, Number 5, June 2004


RehabWire for June highlights research and reports focusing on developmental disabilities. The change in terminology from mental retardation to developmental disability reflects the shift of focus from impairment to life needs.

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