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Excess Deaths Of Medicaid Home And Community-Based Services Recipients During COVID-19

This Health Affairs datawatch article uses health plan data to calculate excess mortality rates for Medicaid home and community-based services recipients during March-December 2020. For younger recipients, excess mortality was 7.4 times  that of other community-dwelling Medicaid beneficiaries and 26.6 times that of the general population. As a proportion of expected mortality, excess mortality rates for older recipients and nursing home residents were comparable.


Experiences of Individuals Self-Directing Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services During COVID-19

This Disability and Health journal article describes a study which sought to investigate the experiences of individuals self-directing during COVID-19. In particular, researchers used semi-structured interviews to explore the following areas: 1) How have individuals maintained access to HCBS and workers?; 2) How have individuals maintained safety against COVID-19?; and 3) How have individuals maintained their health and well-being?

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