Identifying potential hospital bed shortages for people with disabilities

This blog article used geographical data to identify areas where the number of available hospital beds might outpace the number of people requiring critical care due to COVID-19. Early in the pandemic, there were concerns about rationing care when faced with a shortage of intensive care hospital beds or ventilators, and concerns that people with disabilities might be denied treatment over people without disabilities. The article includes discussion of rationing care and equitable access.


People With Disabilities in COVID-19: Fixing Our Priorities

Published in the American Journal of Bioethics specially issue on COVID-19. From the introduction: “While the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked disproportionate havoc in marginalized racial/ethnic communities, little attention has been given to people with disabilities in the press, public health surveillance, and research. A few articles, including this special issue, consider the discriminatory nature of categorical exclusion from and guidelines for the rationing of medical equipment and services.

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