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News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond Archive

News and Notes from the NIDILRR Community and Beyond is a weekly newsletter featuring news, resources, events, and opportunities to participate in research in disability and rehabilitation. Most of the stories focus on the achievements of the 250+ NIDILRR-funded projects across the US. We also include events and resources from other agencies and organizations. To sign up, go to our home page and enter your email address in the big blue box! Learn how to submit an item for the next newsletter. Are you a current subscriber or reader? We would love to know your opinion on the newsletter and how you share it with your colleagues!

This issue includes a podcast series on arthritis and employment, quick poll on holiday eating habits, CDC webcast presents “Where in Health is Disability?”, Tamar Heller receives AUCD International Service Award, webinar on setting up and operating a voucher transportation system, Foster Independence, Participation and Healthy Aging through Technology public workshop. 

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This issue includes a presentation on sleep problems and Sleep Apnea in persons with SCI, preparation of a factsheet on Itchy Skin After Burn Injury, AAPD Summer Internship Program, interview with George H. Kraft by KUOW on MS, research presented at The International Society for Quality of Life Research conference, and a debut of websites highlighting research activities.

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This issue includes Power Wheelchair Pressure Relief video, a study on SCI care, The World We Want discussion hosted by UNICEF and IDA, summaries to help Clinicians choose outcome measures, report on the rights of parents with disabilities featured on The Talk of the Nation, and a webcast with Maurice Sholas, MD, PhD, discussing Staying the Course: Mentorship to Be a Research Success.

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This issue includes a video on managing skin problems after SCI, study on effects of virtual walking on pain in SCI patients, Foundation Center’s IssueLab, Hwasoon Kim receives DeVivo Mentored Research Award, KTER releases Knowledge Production Methods web course, Lesley M. Hudson receives ASIA Lifetime Achievement Award, and a webcast presenting Fostering Independence, Participation, and Healthy Aging Through Technology.

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This issue includes Identifying Transition-Age Youth Using Existing Surveys, Survey on Emergency Communications and People with Disabilities, 2012 National Employment Conference, Alan M. Jette presents Stephen M. Haley lecture, availability of Prosthetics & Orthotics lectures, monograph exploring the role of peer specialists, and a webcast on staying well after SCI.

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This issue includes consumer factsheets for SCI, TBI, and Burn Injury in Spanish, a survey of mothers with physical disabilities, National Family Caregivers Month, APMR special issue focuses on evidence-based practice, announcement of 2012 scholarships for students of parents with disabilities, Snow World video game helping with pain management, PAS discuss the potential of managing long term care costs.

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This issue includes Points of Empowerment series of topic sheets focused on issues of importance to minorities with disabilities,  ENACT seeks participants  for studies on arthritis, webinar covering access to historic buildings and facilities, Brain Injury features articles from the Model Systems Abstracts, Nancy Chiaravalloti was interviewed on the effects of concussions and second impact syndrome on football players, Paul Wehman discusses project with John Ogle of WCVE, RERC research paper wins Bors Award, and a webinar on Virtue and Psychosocial Adaptability in Disability.

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This issue includes a new active living podcast on arthritis, development of REVR online archive of employment materials, a webinar on Exploring Community Service as a Pathway to Employment, open registration for the Annual Compendium of Disability Statistics and Research to Policy Roundtable, Shivayogi V. Hiremath publishes “How Much Physical Activity for Wheel Chair Users?”, webinar discussing medical leave as a reasonable accommodation, and a state of the science conference webcast.

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This issue includes IDEAL Currency Identifier released for Android, DC and NY areas seeking participants for hearing research studies, Office of Disability Employment Policy releases the Workplace Flexibility Toolkit, Michael L. Boninger elected to Institute of Medicine, availability of the Aging with Disability: Demographic, Social, and Policy Considerations proceedings, Nancy Chiaravalloti gets interviewed by News 12 and WMBC about TBI research, and webcast on Beyond Yellow Ribbons: Putting Veterans with Disabilities to Work.

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This issue includes ADA Online Learning web conferences on ADA basics, ADA legal issues, and accessible technology, SCI Awareness Survey, JAN releases Workplace Accommodations: Low Cost, High Impact, Need to Knowledge Model published in Technology and Disability, book released by IPS on supported employment, conference and webcast on Building Rehabilitation Research Capacity at the Nexus of New Technologies, Age, and Disability

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