News and Notes 8 March 14

This issue includes a 30 minute documentary on persons living with TBI, features a quick survey  to gather information for new videos and fact sheets, UsersFirst program launches Mobility Map, Annals of Long Term Care features a Q&A session with Dr. Marcia Scherer, Northwestern University’s Medill Reports interviews Lisa Razzano, RTAC on VR Program Management announces learning collaborative partners, and Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.

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We're in the midst of our Document Collection campaign. Each year we work with more than 250 grantees to ensure we've collected their journal articles, reports, and other publications. We added more than 350 publications from NIDRR grantees in 2011 and 2012. Sign up for REHABDATA Connection to find out what we're adding this month!

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Living with TBI
In keeping with Brain Injury Awareness Month, we highlight Living with Traumatic Brain Injury, a 30-minute documentary created by the NIDRR-funded University of Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (H133A070032). This video features four TBI survivors who are "rebuilding their lives and readjusting to family, careers, and everyday life." 

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Grantees in the News
The upcoming (March) issue of the Annals of Long Term Care features a Q&A session with Dr. Marcia Scherer, co-principal investigator of the NIDRR-funded Center on Effective Delivery Rehabilitation Technology in Vocational Rehabilitation (H133A090004) at the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI). Dr. Scherer discusses the appropriate use of assistive technology with elders with cognitive disabilities.

Dr. Lisa Razzano, principal investigator of the NIDRR-funded field initiated project on supported employment for people with HIV (H133G110108) at Chicago House and the University of Illinois was interviewed by Northwestern University's Medill Reports about the rise in HIV cases among Chicago's youth.

RTAC on VR Program Management Announces Learning Collaborative Partners
The NIDRR-funded Research and Technical Assistance Center on Vocational Rehabilitation Program Management (H133A090002) just announced the 2012-2013 participants in the Learning Collaborative on Vocational Rehabilitation Management. Eight state offices of rehab services each received a budget of $50,000 to participate in the collaborative as part of a research effort to develop a management model focused on the areas of human resources, strategic planning, and quality assurance. The RTAC is at the Institute for Community Inclusion at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Grantee event: 

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week March 12-18
This week is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. In addition to the wonderful collection of resources from the National MS Society, we recommend the MS A-to-Z series developed by the NIDRR-funded MS Rehab Research and Training Center (H133B080025) at the University of Washington. These 11 videos feature people living with MS, their families, and health care professionals and researchers discussing everything from the history of MS to exercise to alternative and complementary treatments.


Currently Recruiting
The NIDRR-funded Rehab Research and Training Center on Secondary Conditions in Spinal Cord Injury (H133B090082) regularly features quick surveys designed to gather information for new videos, fact sheets, and other materials. The latest is a quick survey on outdoor activities. Answer ten questions and help the RRTC team develop new resources for the SCI community!

Elsewhere in the Community: 

UsersFirst Mobility Map
United Spinal Association's UsersFirst program recently launched Mobility Map, a web-based tool designed to guide users through the process of purchasing mobility equipment. The step-by-step guide covers self-assessment, working with your "wheelchair team" of providers, prescription and assessment, finding funding, ordering your chair, delivery, life with a wheelchair, and seating and mobility basics. Mobility Map is just one part of the UsersFirst community.