News and Notes 72 June 26

PTSD Awareness Month; video: Information Retrieval for International Disability and Rehabilitation Research; ADA StoryTeller online form for submitting personal stories of removing barriers to independent living; webinar: Lead the Way: Building an Inclusive Business Culture; NIDRR grantee receives APTA award; grantee testifying before the President's Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services; innovative shoulder therapy for SCI on display at SIGGRAPH 2013; webinar: ADA Anniversary Update: 23 Years Later.

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NARIC news: 

June 27th is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day, part of PTSD Awareness Month sponsored by the Veterans Administration National Center for PTSD. PTSD is often associated with veterans returning from combat, but it can affect anyone who has experienced trauma, abuse, or injury. It is important to understand the signs of PTSD and to know that help is available. Researchers and health professionals may want to review these abstracts from REHABDATA on identifying and providing rehabilitation services for people experiencing PTSD

Resource Highlight: 

Information Retrieval for International Disability and Rehabilitation Research
The NIDRR-funded Center on Knowledge Translation for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (H133A120012) has posted a video, Information Retrieval for International Disability and Rehabilitation Research. John Stone, PhD, and Dan Conley of the NIDRR-funded Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE) offer a primer on CIRRIE's database, highlighting the newest features and tips on how to use the database to its fullest potential. 

News items: 

Sara Mulroy Receives Marian Williams Award
Sara Mulroy, PhD, PT, co-principal investigator of the NIDRR-funded Southern California Spinal Cord Injury Model System Center (H133N110018), will receive the Marian Williams Award for Research in Physical Therapy from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). This award recognizes individuals who have performed sustained and outstanding basic, clinical, and/or educational research pertaining to physical therapy. The award will be presented at APTA's Annual Conference and Exposition this month. 

Dementia Care and Developmental Disabilities in Focus
Matthew Janicki, PhD, director of technical assistance for the NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Aging and Developmental Disabilities (H133B080009), testified before the President's Advisory Council on Alzheimer's Research, Care, and Services on the importance of dementia care for people aging with developmental and intellectual disabilities. His testimony, profiled in the Wichita Business Journal, highlighted the Starkey, Inc. LIGHTHouse model, developed with technical assistance from the RRTC, which provides specialized care for people with intellectual disabilities and dementia. 

Innovative Shoulder Therapy for SCI on Display at SIGGRAPH 2013
Skyfarer, a mixed-reality shoulder exercise game developed by the NIDRR-funded Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Technologies for Successful Aging with Disability (H133E080024), will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2013 in July. The game combines an immersive virtual environment, inspired by Pre-Colombian mythology and the landscapes of South America, with calibrated exercise equipment, encouraging exercise to prevent and treat shoulder pain in people with spinal cord injury (SCI). 

Grantee event: 

Webinar: The ADA Anniversary Update 23 Years Later
The NIDRR-funded Great Lakes ADA National Network Regional Center (H133A110029) will host webinar, ADA Anniversary Update: 23 Years Later, July 16th, 2pm to 3:30pm EDT. Representatives of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Justice present an update on litigation, technical assistance, and enforcement efforts over the past year. Participants will have an opportunity to pose questions to the presenters regarding issues in their own workplace or community. Registration is free but required


ADA StoryTellers
The NIDRR-funded Southwest ADA National Network Regional Center (H133A110027) is collecting stories from people who have been successful at removing barriers to employment, education, transportation, and housing, including the right to live at home in one's own community. People with disabilities, families experiencing disability, and businesses that employ people with disabilities are encouraged to submit success stories via the ADA StoryTeller online form or by calling 713/520-0232 to schedule an interview with Center staff. 

Elsewhere in the Community: 

Lead the Way: Building an Inclusive Culture
The Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN), in partnership with the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN), will host a webinar, Lead the Way: Building an Inclusive Business Culture, TOMORROW, 2pm to 3pm EDT. This webinar will present strategies for internally communicating an organization's commitment to a diverse workforce inclusive of people with disabilities. Registration is free but required