Librarian's Picks: General Spanish Language Resources

"Quick picks' from the Librarians at the National Rehabilitation Information Center

During the last 30 years, NARIC has been the go-to resource for rehabilitation professionals, students, researchers, and consumers for information and referrals in rehabilitation and disability issues. As NARIC grows, we continue finding new modes to reach out to our wide audience of users.  Based on the statistics and patterns of user requests, we introduce our new fact sheet on rehabilitation and disability resources for Spanish speakers. The organizations and agencies listed in this brochure offer products and services in Spanish, and can assist you and your family find the resources, rehabilitation and support that you need. The websites on this page go to Spanish language pages.

For more specific resources, visit the Spanish language Ready Reference topic that you need. You may also download this brochure in PDF format (located at the bottom of this page). Disponible en español.

Government Programs

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Toll Free: 800/633-4227
The official site of the US Government for information on Medicare.

Federal Information Line for Government Benefits Through
Toll Free: 800/333-4636
To continue in Spanish, mark the number 1.

Social Security Administration
Toll Free: 800/772-1213
The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers the services and benefits of social security. On their website, one can find information on how to obtain a social security number and card, benefits, and services vía the Internet, along with a benefits calculator.

Federal Information Line for Government Loan Programs through
Toll free: 800/333-4636 is the access portal to all the information on government loans.

US Department of Education - Federal Student Aid
Toll Free: 800/433-3243
TTY: 800/730-8913
Local: 319/337-5665
The primary mission of the Office of Federal Student Aid is to ensure that all Americans who meet the requirements for admission may benefit from federal financial aid (grants, loans, educational loans) in order to realize your post-secundary education.

General Health and Medicine is free guide to dependable information on health developed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.
Email: is free guide to dependable information on health developed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

National Women's Health Info Center (NWHIC)
Toll Free: 800/994-9662 (V), 888/220-5446 (TTY), Monday to Friday (save for federal holidays), 9 am to 6pm EST.
The information source for the federal government in relation to women's health.

Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMHRC)
Toll Free: 800/444.6472
The mission of the Office of Minority Health Resource Center (OMH) is to improve and protect the health of racial and ethnic minorities via de development of health policies and program aimed at eliminating the existing inequalities in the subjects of health.

MedlinePlus in Spanish
MedlinePlus helps you find the answers you seek on health issues. MedlinePlus has compiled the most dependable information from authoritative sources like the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health along with other governmental health agencies and organizations. MedlinePlus also offers information on medications, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive programs for the patient, and the latest health news.

Education and Employment

US Department of Education
Toll Free: 800/872-5327 (V), 800/437-0833 (TTY)
 The Department of Education's mission is to promote the high academic performance and the preparation of students for the competitive global market by promoting excellence in education and ensuring equal access. 
Resources in Spanish:

US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Toll Free: 800/669-4000 (V), 800/669-6820 (TTY)
The EEOC provides information on equal employment opportunities, discrimination, laws, how to present a discrimination complaint, and stastistics.

Legal and Advocacy Resources

Department of Health and Human Services - Office of Civil Rights
Toll Free: 8020/368-1019 (V), 800/537-7697 (TTY)
Factsheets - deal with the laws against discrimination.

Department of Justice ADA Information Line
Toll Free: 800/514-0301 V), 800/514-0383 (TTY)
ADA specialists are available Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm EST; except for Thursdays, when the schedule is 12:30pm to 5:30pm. Service in English and Spanish is available.

Other Resources

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI) -
Web accessibility and disability resources in Spanish and Portuges. offers resources, information for adultos, help for youth through an online community (in English only), and links to local expert organizations on mental health.