About the International Research Collection

NARIC's collection now includes a substantial amount of international research, originally collected by the NIDILRR-funded Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange (CIRRIE) at the University of Buffalo over more than 15 years of active collection development. More than 115,000 abstracts were moved from CIRRIE to the NARIC collection and integrated into our REHABDATA search apparatus. Under the current NARIC contract, we will continue to add new records and grow this important collection of disability and rehabilitation research.As you search REHABDATA, you may see records from this collection, with accession numbers beginning with I (for example I166248). These are records from the international research collection. Records added before 2016 may include research published both in English and other languages. Records added in 2016 and after will have been published in languages other than English, but an abstract was available in English. Other international research published in English will be added to the original REHABDATA collection, with accession numbers beginning with J (for example J72526).Searches run from our front page will automatically include international research records. You can also browse by topic and view both REHABDATA and International Research items. If you would like to limit your search to only records published in English, use our Advanced Search page. Under search options, look for "Include records published in languages other than English" and select NO.  This search will only return original REHABDATA records. For a broader search experience, select YES to include international research records in your search results. You may also limit your international search to specific countries or languages. This option is not available for original REHABDATA records. Not sure where to start? Try the Thesaurus!International research publications may or may not be available for document delivery. Please contact an information specialist for more information.