Where can I find housing options?

A patron asked where to start to find housing for a young adult with a disability who would require a structured setting and monitoring. We recommend a series of resources to help you identify the right housing options that ensure full participation in the community of one's choice.

Centers for Independent Living

Centers for Independent Living are community-based, cross-disability, non-profit organizations that are designed and operated by people with disabilities (National Council on Independent Living). The centers provide peer support, information and referral, individual and systems advocacy, and independent living skills training. CILs may not provide housing services directly, but they will be able to refer you to agencies and organizations in the community that do provide such services.

Find the nearest CIL to you.

The Arc

The Arc is a support and services organization focusing on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They work in many areas including self-advocacy and direct services. Some local Arc offices offer supported living services. 

Find the nearest Arc chapter to you.

HUD-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program (HUD-VASH)

HUD-VASH is a joint program between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs to provide housing choice vouchers and case management services to homeless veterans, including those with disabilities.

Learn more about HUD-VASH.

211 Community Information and Referral

Most counties now have a local information and referral service called 2-1-1. Like 411 or 911, just dial 211 from any land line to be connected to a  live information referral specialist who will connect you to local housing resources. Most 211 organizations have posted their entire resource databases online for your convenience.

Learn more about 211 and see if it's up and running in your area.

Do you have a housing resource to recommend? Email us at naricinfo@heitechservices.com!