I have a disability and need to adapt my home to fit my needs. What resources and information are available so that I can modify my home?

Whether you are a person with a disability who has purchased a new home or a homeowner who has acquired or aged into a disability, there are a variety of resources that can assist you in modifying your home to fit your needs.

Finding Remodeling Professionals/Aging-In-Place Programs

Financial Aid

Independent Living

Assistive Technology (AT)

  • AbleData provides unbiased and comprehensive information on assistive technology (AT) products, solutions, and resources for people with disability. You can search their database or you can contact AbleData’s information specialists who can help you find information on the AT you may need to make your home more accessible, such as grab bars for the shower, exterior home lifts that are designed for people with mobility, lower extremity, or physical disabilities to navigate stairs, or apps and other AT that help people with disabilities to control their smart home.
  • The Center for Assistive Technology Act Data Assistance Program – State AT Programs provides information on each state AT program and breaks down each state’s program by topic: state financing activities, device reutilization, device loan, & device demonstration. To find your state’s program, click on your state or territory on the map.


  • If you are a renter with disabilities looking for a home to rent that is accessible, socialserve.com helps users to search for accessible and affordable housing by state, choosing which options best fit their needs within their state. They also provide a Call Center whose personnel support callers in English and Spanish.
  • NARIC’s FAQ on finding housing options is a great resource for renters with disabilities, including homeless Veterans with and without disabilities.

There is also research available from the NIDILRR community and beyond on home modification, universal design, and visitability. NARIC’s Librarian’s Picks provide information on organizations on various topics, including independent living and universal and adaptive design. If you would like more information and resources related to home modification/remodeling, please contact NARIC’s information specialists.