How do I learn about my benefits?

To learn more about your benefits, the following websites will provide the information and resources you will need:

  • To learn what federal benefits you are eligible for and how to apply for them, please visit
  • If you are looking for health insurance or to learn more about the Health Care Law, please visit - here you can find out what your insurance options are, you can prepare for the health insurance marketplace, learn about health insurance basics, and how the Health Care Law affects you.
  • If you are looking to apply for Medicare, visit, where you can sign-up for or change plans, see what your Medicare costs are and what Medicare covers, find out abou supplements and other insurance and find the appropriate forms, find help, and find the resources you may need.
  • For those looking for Social Security Disability Insurance information, the SCI Forum presents a video that is available for streaming and provides great information.
  • The National Council on Aging offers Answer some questions to find benefit programs that can help you pay for medications, health care, food, utilities, and more.
  • On the same theme, the Social Security Administration (SSA) also provides great information that includes their guidelines and understanding Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) through SSA.
  • Although the benefits described in this website are available only in Arizona, California, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and New Jersey, Disability Benefits 101 (DB101) holds a wealth of educational information on the rules for health care coverage and benefit and employment programs that are utilized by people with disabilities.
  • If you are looking for benefits to help you with your energy bills, please visit the Administration for Children and Famiies Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) website to learn more.