Are there articles and resources in Spanish from the NIDILRR community?

Yes! Members of the NIDILRR, community, including NARIC, publish information in Spanish.

Below, you will find a few members of the NIDILRR community who provide articles, factsheets, guides, and much more in Spanish:

You may know that NARIC publishes a Spanish website that includes information and resource brochures, FAQ articles, our Research In Focus articles, and other publications. We also publish our blog posts in Spanish and English and provide information and referral services in both languages.

Are you interested in seeing what new Spanish articles are indexed in the NARIC collection? Go to REHABDATA and type “Spanish” and click 2018 in the menus in the Year of Publication section to find articles in Spanish added to the collection in 2018.

If you would like to see all articles in Spanish indexed in the NARIC collection, just search “Spanish” in REHABDATA. If you would like to read abstracts of articles originally published in Spanish, go to REHABDATA, type Spanish in the first box, click “Only Show International Research” towards the bottom of the page, and click Search.

Contact our information specialists if you need assistance with your searches or have other questions.