RehabWire - Volume 8, Number 4, May 2006.


For May, RehabWire looks at current research in employment and people with psychiatric disabilities.

RehabWire - Volumen 5, Número 9, Octubre 2003.


Octubre es el Mes Nacional de la Concientización del Empleo de Personas con Discapacidades, según lo declarado por el PResidente Bush el 03 de octubre. Este número de RehabWire destaca las actividades de investigación de esos proyectos que se centran en los temas del empleo. También mira a la gran cantidad de documentos de investigación publicados en 2003 sobre este tema.

RehabWire: Volume 4, Number 7, October 2002.

RehabWire Volume 3 Number 2, March 2001


RehabWire for March 2001 focuses on entrepreneurs and other self-employed people with disabilities. Self-employment is often a viable solution to vocational rehabilitation, though not always offered to clients.

RehabWire Volume 1 Number 1, January 1999


Welcome to the premier issue of RehabWire, a monthly publication designed to keep NIDRR staff in touch with NARIC and its resources. In each issue, you’ll find the latest events, new research, and insightful features. We’ll talk about rehabilitation research and disability issues, and how to get the most out of NARIC’s resources. RehabWire is your guide to rehabilitation and disability information. Tell us what you’d like to see in future editions!

Please note, most events have been removed from the online version of RehabWire. Monthly and weekly observances remain.

RehabWire Volume 1 Number 3, April 1999


Welcome to the third edition of RehabWire. April’s issue is all about work. In this issue of RehabWire you’ll find research and articles about vocational rehabilitation, school-to-work transition, and occupational therapy. So let’s get to work!

RehabWire Volume 1 Number 9, October 1999


PCEPD has declared October National Disability Employment Awareness Month. RehabWire for this month highlights new employment-related documents, projects, and resources.

Please note: Time-sensitive events have been removed from this version. Monthly and weekly observances remain.


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