Getting out and getting active may be key to breathing easier after spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs when the spinal cord is damaged, often from an accident or trauma. SCI can lead to a number of health challenges. Dyspnea, or frequent shortness of breath, is one challenge that can lower quality of life. According to some past studies, being physically active after a SCI may help prevent dyspnea and improve quality of life. In a recent NIDILRR-funded study, researchers looked at the connections between physical activity, dyspnea, and quality of life in people with SCI.


RehabWire Volumen 2 Número 5, Mayo 2000


Es mayo. ¡Es hora de hacer actividad física, participar, o simplemente salir a la calle! Esta edición de RehabWire resume los artículos, los proyectos, las organizaciones, y otros recursos para la recreación, los deportes, y otras actividades de ocio.

RehabWire - Volumen 7, Número 5, junio 2005


Murderball, un documentario premiado sobre Quad Rugby y los arduos hombres y mujeres que lo juegan, comienza en los EE.UU. en julio. En junio, RehabWire mira al deporte, la recreación, y el ejercicio y la discapacidad.

RehabWire - Volume 7, Number 5, June 2005


Murderball, an award-winning documentary about Quad Rugby and the hardcore men and women who play, opens in the US in July. RehabWire for June looks at sport, recreation and exercise and disability.

RehabWire Volume 2 Number 5, May 2000


It’s May. It’s time to get active, get involved, or just get outside! This issue of RehabWire features articles, projects, organizations, and other resources for recreation, sports, and other leisure activities.

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