Physical Therapy

A New Physical Therapy Program Improves Sitting and Play Skills for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most common cause of movement disability in children. CP can result from brain damage before, during, or soon after birth, and it can be mild, moderate or severe. Children with CP often have trouble coordinating their body movements. As a result, they may be delayed in learning to sit without support. Independent sitting is an important milestone that can help children explore and play with objects more effectively and if not achieved, can delay development in other areas.


RehabWire - Volumen 6, Número 8, Octubre 2004


Octubre es el Mes Nacional de Terapia Física, patrocinado por la Asociación Estadounidense de la Terapia Física. Los proyectos y artículos destacados en esta edición de RehabWire se centran en el PT y su función en el tratamiento y la recuperación.

RehabWire - Volume 6, Number 8, October 2004


October is National Physical Therapy Month, sponsored by the American Physical Therapy Association. The projects and articles highlighted in this edition of RehabWire focus on PT and its role in treatment and recovery.

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